Monday, June 20, 2011

Giant Cupcakes Take Over!

I had a giant cupcake pan kicking around for the longest time, and I could not wait use it. Finally, the first few request for them have come in, and I am so happy with the turn out!

Giant cupcake number one:

This giant cupcake contained vegan chocolate cake, with a vegan chocolate ganache filling. It was decorated with a vegan fondant (made using agar instead of gelatin). The cupcake liner was made from candy melts.
Served with some vegan baby cupcakes!

After fellow cupcake lover @Cupcakedujour saw this giant cupcake, she said "I want!!", only her request was that her's also be gluten free!

@CupcakeDuJour with her giant cupcake on her birthday

I am LOVING these giant cupcakes! So cute, and so fun to make!

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