Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Baby Boots

It has been just about one year since I started Le Gateau, and can you believe in all that time I have never done a kid's cake? Weird but true. Only weddings or creative cakes for adults. So naturally when I was asked to make a cake for a little boy's first birthday I was excited to do something different.
One thing that I have wanted to try for a while are the adorable little baby shoes that I had seen on so many cakes over the net. These shoes can be totally customized and are great for boys or girls birthdays as well as baby showers.
For little Zeyan's first birthday I decided to go with a little blue converse style shoe. Result:

I was so happy with how they turned out. They were super fun to make as well as super simple! I was lucky because I found this awesome step by step tutorial on you tube that also gave out a template.

As for the actual cake, I made a vanilla chiffon cake with raspberry preserves and vanilla flavoured italian meringue buttercream.

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