Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Mini Fruit Cakes

The aroma of cinnamon, allspice and cardamon is filling my kitchen. Its the most amazing warm and comforting scent. Im baking fruit cakes.
The truth is fruit cake has an image problem. In the early 90's Johnny Carson of the Tonight Show joked "there was really only one fruit cake in the world - it is passed from family to family". How many people have actually given fruit cake a chance?
These mini fruit cakes are made with premium dried fruits - apricot, dates raisins and fresh cranberries. Its sweetened with honey, brown sugar and orange juice. It's also brushed with brandy to help bring out all the sweetness of the fruits, and to add extra aroma. It is seriously good stuff.

This holiday season if you have the chance, you should should give fruit cake another try. You just might be (unexpectedly)surprised.
Mini fruitcakes will be available from Le Gateau at Vancouver's Bakers Market on December. You can also order online and Le Gateau will ship within Canada and the US.

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  1. Lovely fruitcake. Love them in mini forms :)