Monday, September 21, 2009

Birthday Bites!

I recently made two very special birthday cakes. The first was for my boyfriend. I had to think about the design of this cake for quiet a while. I wanted something exciting and eye catching, but the real challenge for this cake was for it to not look cute and girlie. This would be the difficult part for me indeed!
I thought of his favorite colors first, red and black. Mike also plays drums, so something kind of rock and roll came to mind, so I choose shapes that would give this cake kind of like a "tattoo" type of feel. The skull and crossbones fit into this theme as well, perfect!
End result:

The top tier of the cake is a rich and flavorful carrot cake. Sweet carrot and spice from cinnamon gives this cake the most irresistible taste and aroma. Filled with cream cheese icing sweeten with honey. The bottom tier is Le Gateau's signature cake: Chiffon Sponge soaked in Grand Marnier syrup with vanilla butter cream. I had made this cake many times before for weddings and other occasions so I knew he liked this cake. This cake was a definite success, Mike loved it!

The second birthday cake was for my twin sister and myself! My sister was a bit surprised when I called her to let her know I had started working on a cake, " Your making your own birthday cake?!" as if I deserved some sort of break from cake making. But for me it wasn't even a question, its a excuse to make cake! Besides, I was in the mood for making flowers.

Again, this was carrot cake. I have to say, I've been making carrot cake a lot lately. I think its pretty underrated! I find a lot of people prefer it to chocolate! This cake was the perfect end to our birthday dinner with our family.

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